Sunday, 2 September 2012

Buying on a Budget?

So this weekend I took a trip to the shops and bought a few bits and pieces...
All this for a grand total of £20
As you have probably already guessed, I went on a little spree in Primark. Having said that one item is from elsewhere. If you are shopping on a budget I personally recommend Primark as it is affordable and can look like a quality piece of clothing if you choose correctly. Primark has recently started stocking their a/w collection which means there is a lot of cute knitwear and boots to choose from. 

Skinny waist and hip belt - £1 - Primark

Admittedly this is not the nicest belt. I'm personally not a fan of the buckle but some of you may be. The belt itself is just a black, matte, plasticy material which i am not such a fan of either. The hardware is gold and patent black. Although I do not like this belt it does have one positive which is that it has enough holes to be both a waist belt and a hip belt. This makes it a more versatile piece. I bought this belt to wear for school as we are required to wear a black belt if you wear one. For the grand total of £1 I figured it was okay not to like it. 

Thin knit burgundy pullover - £8 - Primark

Although I took this photo in natural light, the true colour is not shown. It is coming up very purple  whereas it has more reddy undertones than what is being shown. I like the way crew necks look when it comes to layering during autumn, therefore this will be one of my key pieces during this season. When I wear it the bottom hits mid thigh which isn't my favourite feature but will work well with leggings as it covers the bum. This pullover also has two pockets on the front of it which I'm not so keen on but can live with since it had such a small price tag. I will be mainly wearing it with my black racer skirt and my high waisted denim shorts so the pockets will not be visible.

Monkey slipper socks - £3 - Primark

Okay so these babies are not exactly the most fashionable item I picked up this weekend but I couldn't resist. In my opinion they are adorable and a key piece in your winter sleepwear collection. The inside is so soft and warm and the outside is just plain cute. The soles are not structured in any way but they are still very comfortable to walk in. The soles have non slip dots that don't really work at all but I haven't fallen over so they can't be that bad.

Eyelash curler with spare insert - £1 - Primark 

Okay so you may think that these are a bit of a random, spur of the moment purchase but the story is that I basically stood on my more expensive one and bent it completely out of proportion. I'm also a bit of a cheap skate and didn't fancy paying much for a new one. When I saw these in Primark for just a pound, I couldn't pass them up. I was expecting it to rip my eyelashes out on the first use but to my surprise they work just as well as my more expensive ones. I also think this is super cute because they have a pink detail on the handle bit and the inserts are pink to match.

Black suede effect "loafer" pumps - £6 - Primark

When I saw these I knew I had to have them. They're so cute and will be excellent from the summer to autumn transition as they are dark in colour but they are still cool enough to wear on warmer days. Being black they are easily paired with a lot of outfits. I have only worn them once but I have found them to be very comfortable and they have not caused any blisters on the top of my feet or my heels like I expected since they were so cheap. 

"Glamping" bracelet - £1 - Miss Selfridge 

So this is the only item I purchased this weekend that wasn't from Primark. Yes it does say "glamping", don't judge me okay. The only reason I bought this is because it was cheap and it was so delightfully cringey that I just had to have it. I know in the photo it looks like it says "glawping" I think thats because it refuses to sit right which is probably the reason why it was in the sale for £1. To be honest I don't understand why anyone would have paid £4 for it but hey, some people must have.

On that note I will leave you.


  1. I love Primark hauls, I need to get myself down there ASAP!

    1. They're my favourite too because everything is so reasonably priced!

  2. Love those monkey slippers!! I have those black slipper loafers and I literally wear them to death!!!

    1. Haha thank you, as soon as I felt them I knew I had to have them, they're so soft! I've worn them pretty much every day since I bought them, they're such a bargain and so cute too!! xx