Monday, 3 September 2012

Lying nail polish!

The nail polish in question is Rimmel London's Lycra Pro, Up to Ten Days Wear nail polish. I have a lot of mixed feelings about this product and I felt I should share them with you. 
402 Urban Purple

Please excuse the fact that the sticker is peeling off the side of the bottle, I've had it a while. As you can see, it is a pinky red colour which is perfect for the summer to autumn transition that we are experiencing at the moment, which is the main reason I have recently dug this nail polish out of my collection. As petty and boring as this sounds, one thing that bugs me about this colour is that the bottle claims that it is purple, when in fact you can see that it is more of a red/pink colour. Having said that I'm not complaining too much because I do prefer this colour to most of the purples in my collection. 

Freshly painted without cleaning up mistakes

This nail polish also claims to have mistake free application due to their fancy shmancy wide brush. I know my nails aren't too messy and are pretty "mistake free", I was still expecting a little bit more from this brush as it is no less messy than any smaller brushes i've used. All I'm saying is that if companies are going to claim they do a better job than others, then I think they should live up to those claims. The same goes for the colour they're claiming it to be, I'm sorry, I just can't let that go. 

Fancy shmancy brush
I know I've just been complaining about the brush and how it works no better than your average nail polish brush, I do actually prefer it to your average brushes. The reason why I prefer this brush is because it's wider, it therefore covers more of your nail with each stroke which I like because it gets the job done quicker. I'm all for nails been done quicker because I can never be bothered to sit and paint my nails for a long period of time because it bores me. Plus it is more satisfying to use.

After ten days wear

This is what bugs me the most about this product. The bottle says up to ten days wear and when it comes to day ten my nails look exactly the same as they would on day ten with any nail polish. I don't understand why they claim that you can wear this for up to ten days when it lasts the same as any other nail polish I've used. It started to chip around day three/four like nail polish usually does. It's fair to say that I will be removing this nail polish around day six/seven next time I wear it because by day ten they just look more than unpleasant. 

Freshly applied and cleaned up
Although there is a lot that bugs me about this nail polish I do still really like it and I wouldn't not buy it because it basically lied to me because I do love the colour and the application. The Rimmel London, Lycra Pro nail polishes are currently priced at £4.59 (Boots) which I think is not too much for such a versatile colour. If you are looking to buy a similar colour for a smaller price tag of £2.99, I recommend Rasberry by Barry M as I believe it works just as well. 

Want this exact colour? Buy now! 
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