Saturday, 8 September 2012

Casual Saturday Outfit

Thought it might be nice to show you what I was wearing today,

Main body of the outfit
Today I went for a summer to autumn transitional look that consisted of my favourite jeans, a floral print and dark coloured accessories. 

Floral sheer sleeveless shirt
I bought this shirt a while ago to wear to a friends party and I've managed to get a lot more wear out of it than I expected. I love the print and the back is longer than the front so it can be worn with leggings. It is a great transitional piece and it's very versatile. It's no longer in New Look or on the website but I believe it was pretty inexpensive, around £15 if I'm remembering correctly. 

Spaghetti strap vest
I wore a brown vest under my top as it is very sheer. It made it look slightly darker which was nice because it made it slightly more autumn appropriate. I just picked this up a while ago for about £2 from Primark because it's a neutral colour that is handy to put under sheer items or 'holey' jumpers as I call them. 

My babies
I bought these jeans about two years ago from River Island so these are no longer stocked either but they were around £40 and I'd recommend River Island jeans because they last a long time and they have a wide range. They fit me so well and I love them so much. I like the ripped detail (you can see it on the first photo) on the front because it just makes them a little more interesting really. I like to turn up the bottoms of them because it just adds a little more detail and looks like you've thought about your outfit more.

Pleather jacket
As I was on my way out of the door I threw on my Topshop pleather jacket, which was £55 (buy), for a bit of warmth and interest.I love it, I wear it so much. It's just such a staple piece within my wardrobe all year round. At the moment I'm really enjoying the way it looks with the sleeves pushed up a little so thats how I was wearing it today. I also really love that my top peaks out from under it at the back.

I featured these in my 'Buying on a Budget?' post last sunday (read) and I've barely taken them off since. I love them, they're so cute and comfortable. Best of all was the fact that they were £6, oh how I love you Primark. They're so versatile and so on trend. I'm so glad I picked them up, they go with so much and they're so nice for this time of year.

Mini saddle bag
This bag is really small and so on trend right now, it's just perfect for me. It's small, yet big enough to fit all your essentials in. I know everyone has it but if you don't I suggest you go and buy it because I've been using it non stop since I bought it. It was only £4 in Primark, can't be robbed eh? It comes in a maroon colour and a dark greeny colour so there's one to suit everyone too. The only issue I had with this bag was the length of the strap but I just put another hole in it and now it's fine.

Goat necklace
I adore this necklace right now. I got it in Topshop for £1.50 in the sale, another bargain. It's on a short chain and sits just in the right place when I have my shirt buttoned up to the top. It's dainty and kinda quirky so I just love it. I think it's one of those pieces your either love or hate. I'm definitely a lover of it, it's right up my street.

Pyramid stud earrings
I bought these at the same time as I bought the goat necklace, also in the sale for £1.50. They're just really wearable and I've gotten a lot of compliments for them because they're interesting and chic. I wear them almost every day because they have become my favourite earrings since I've had them. As you can probably tell, I really love Topshop jewellery although I do tend to buy most of it in the sale because I think it can be overpriced.

'Glawping' bracelet
I also showed this bracelet in my 'Buying on a Budget?' post (read). It's just become one of my everyday bracelets over the past week. It was £1 in Miss Selfridge. It's cringey but it's cute so I'm enjoying it. It's also fading a bit too, major sadness, because I forgot to take it off in the shower one day so the colour washed out a bit.

Pope bracelet
I got this bracelet when I was in Rome. Yes, it has photos of the Pope on. No, I am not religious but mama and I joke on saying I'm the religious one of the family for wearing religious bracelets and jewelllery with crosses on. When we saw this we just knew I needed it. It actually looks quite cute on in my opinion but I could be wrong.

Religious bracelet
And last but not least, my religious bracelet that mama brought be back from the Vatican City the first time she went in may. I wear this every day with the above two and they are just a cute little combo really. I couldn't tell you what religious figures are actually on this but I wear it all the same. I don't want anyone religious to take offense by my jewellery because it's just fashion when it comes down do it and I don't mean to be offensive. 

So thats my outfit done, It's taken me two hours to write this, I can't believe it's done!


  1. I love the shirt and the topshop jacket! I really need to invest in one :) xx

    1. I have the sleeveless one of the jacket too which also goes really well with this outfit which I'm looking forward to wearing with knits during the autumn, they're such a staple piece and they're going to be very on trend for the next few months so you really should. :) xx

  2. Love this little outfit, the jeans are gorgeous, I need to start spending a little bit more money on jeans and start getting good quality ones!xx

    1. Thank you very much. It really pays off to spend a bit more on jeans because they last so much longer and never go out of fashion so it's worth it really. xx

  3. I have the same religious bracelet. I wear it all the time too :)x

    1. It feels so strange if I don't have it on, I have no idea why :) xx

  4. This is literally such a perfect outfit
    Lovely lovely lovely

  5. Love the shirt, cute blog name too ;) X

  6. Aw thank you and thank you, it's just a little inside joke me and my friends have :) x

  7. beautiful shirt!
    love the goat necklace too ;)
    Rosie xo
    A Pocketful of Rosie

    1. Aw thank you, haha, it's great, I couldn't not buy it when I saw it, it's so me. xo

  8. That shirt is gooooorge! Haven't checked out New Look for a while, I forgot about their pretty floral things xxx

    1. Aw thank you, when I'm out shopping I tend to just walk on by then look on the website and regret doing it. I really should go in more often! xxx

  9. Love every detail of the outfit!
    By the way, thanks for commenting my blog)