Thursday, 20 September 2012

I Bought Stuff and Now I'm Showing You

Last weekend I picked up a few bits and bobs, nothing too special but I wasn't feeling so creative so this is what I've gone with today. This is also a tad belated as it's now Thursday and I bought all of this on Saturday. Ooops.

Boring bits n' pieces

This is the most very boring collection of goods but that's what I bought. I understand that it is not the most beauty related/fashion 'haul' so if that's what you're looking for, scroll on down and see what else I have to offer.

So I bought this adorable arch lever folder for my history coursework (yawn). I had to make it look more fun than it is because it's just so dull. I went with the multicoloured cows because they were cute. I got it in the stationary sale in Tesco for around £1.70

The nicest
I'm getting the boring stuff out of the way first. I just thought I'd share this with you though because it's the nicest smelling deodorant that you can buy in my opinion. I haven't come across anyone that doesn't like it so it can't be that bad right?

Dry shampers

You may have already seen this but it's just my current dry shampoo. It smells okay and it doesn't leave white marks in your hair like batiste so I can't complain really. Works like a charm. It's cheaper than batiste too.


Now these are something I've been looking for for a while. I just wanted some cheap, plain ear cuffs and when I saw these I snapped them straight up. I mean who wouldn't for £2? They're just cute and since there's three, they go with everything.

Eeeeee, I love this hat so much!
Soon as I set eyes on this, it had to be mine. It's from the mens section in my beloved Primark. It was £3. Can you believe it? I mainly bought it because Rita Ora wore a super similar one in her RIP video. I just love her, can you tell?

Tempted to do a 'Get the Look'

I won't be posting again until Tuesday because I'm lacking a laptop charger so I'm using Papa's at the minute. I may try and do a little unperfected post from the iPad but I'm not promising you. I will still reply to all your fab comments though! Have a lovely weekend and we'll have a catch up on Tuesday.


  1. ooh i love the ear cuffs and the hat, im definitely going to keep an eye out for them! xx

    1. They're such bargains too, I'm just unable to pass up a good bargain! xx

  2. I have those earcuffs, I wear them all the time! They make me feel tough, lol!!

  3. those ear cuffs are so cute, what a great price :) i also love your hat choice! xx

  4. hat is awsome, love your pics. xx

  5. The ear cuffs were a great find! Hat looks super cute too. xo

  6. loving the beanie!


  7. Wow that Primark hat is so cool, I thought it was Topshop before I scrolled down!
    Thank you for following and yes, definitely no bare legs anymore, haha it's freezing!

    1. Thank you! Such a bargain really. Your welcome, haha, my bare legs went away mid august, they great British weather ey.

  8. I wish I could rock a beanie like you and Rita Ora! I still wear them but look more like Badly Drawn Boy or someone paha xxx

    1. Haha, I'm sure you could though and thank you! xxx

  9. You wear that beanie so well! Thanks for visiting. I'm following you now :)

  10. what a great post :)
    I love it!

  11. Love the ear cuffs!! Especially the rose gold

  12. That hat is so cute, I love Rita's style!

    The Style Rawr!

  13. cute hat and love them ear cuffs
    thanks for your lovely comment on my blog hope you will come again soon!

  14. I'm desperate for that hat, but it's not in ANY of my Primarks!!