Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Meet the Pretty Kitties

Since I've mentioned my cats a few times I figured it was time to introduce you to them..

Greebo (left) & Ben (right)

Do ignore the quality of this photo, it was taken on a phone I had about three years ago, therefore this photo is about the same age. Even though the quality is appalling I still find this photo adorable. We've had these cuties for just over nine years now and being only fifteen myself, they've pretty much been around my whole life which I think is the reason I have such a love for cats. They are also house cats as we figured it necessary and probably better for them.

Ben in some odd light but hey, I like it.

So Ben may be small and slim but his personality sure does make up for his smaller size, saying that, he's not small for a cat at all. He's a cheeky little horror at times but I love him all the more for it. He parades around like he owns the place, carrying his tail over his back, similar to a monkey. 

Ben in some better light! 
This is my favourite photo I have of this purr-y furry. I think it shows his cheeky personality and his adorable loving nature too. He's quite a unique and wonderful personality with many sides to him. Saying that he does have a slightly annoying side to him since he's currently walking all over the keyboard. Nice one darlin'. 

Greebo being a little cutie as always.

This little guy is the most gentle thing ever. He's so affectionate and loving. Both my kitties are large but he's a lot bigger and more towards the pleasantly plump side of life. Don't worry they both get equally fed, it's just because this little sweetheart can't run around as much as Ben. 

Another. This was taken with a fish eye lens.

I'm yet to tell you what makes him such a unique little fellow. Okay so he hasn't had the easiest of lives. Before the age of four (they're thirteen now) we didn't have these two and their previous owners let them out to run free and whatnot and the RSPCA believe that he got hit by a car. Due to the injuries caused, one of his back legs had to be amputated. This means he's chubby now since he isn't able to exercise as much as Ben. They also believed that his nose was broken in the accident so now he snores when he is awake.

Now you know my cats too!


  1. They're adorable! Shame I'm allergic to cats.. I guess I have to admire from a distance :)



    1. Aw thank you! That is a shame, I love them so much and well admiring from a distance isn't so bad? xx