Tuesday, 28 August 2012


Since I'm new to this I thought I'd just say a little hello and tell you a little bit about myself. So hi, my name is Katie, I'm fifteen and I'm from the UK.

-To make this more interesting, here's the "get to know me tag":
1. Do you have any pets? Yes, I have two cats, a hamster and a fish.
2. Name three things that are physically close to you. My bed, a bowl of coco pops and my iPod.
3. What's the weather like right now? It's overcast, yay England.
4. Do you drive? If so, have you crashed? No, I don't drive. I'm also too scared to even learn so I probably will crash when I do.
5. When was the last time you showered? This morning.
6. What was the last movie you saw? Step Brothers. Boats n' hoes.
7. What does your last text say? "aye a will hunni", don't judge us.
8. What's your ringtone? Barbie girl by Aqua because I actually like that song okay.
9. What time did you wake up this morning? 10:23.
10. Have you ever been to a different country? Yes, I have.
11. Do you like sushi? I've never had sushi actually, I don't eat fish at all but I would like to try vegetarian sushi.
12. Where do you buy your groceries? I personally don't buy my own but mama shops at Tesco.
13. Have you ever taken medication to help you fall asleep? No.
14. How many siblings do you have? None at all.
15. Do you have a desktop computer or a laptop? Laptop and a tablet.
16. Where do you live? England, UK.
17. Do you wear contacts or glasses? I wear glasses for distance but I rarely wear them.
18. Do you colour your hair? Yes, I used to get blonde highlights put in all the time therefore I went completely blonde so now I'm dying it back brown.
19. What are you planning to do today? Since its past twelve now and it's Sunday, I guess I'll be going to my gran's for Sunday lunch.
20. When was the last time you cried? A few days ago.
21. What is your perfect pizza topping? Either pepperoni and chilli or chicken and mushroom.
22. Do you prefer hamburgers or cheeseburgers? Neither, I like chicken.
23. Have you ever had an all nighter? Yes, of course.
24. What is your eye colour? Brown.
25. Can you taste the difference between pepsi and coke? I drink diet of both but yes I can.

So that's it, I'll now leave you with a photo of my face...


  1. Great post, as a new reader of your blog it was great to learn more about you. Barbie Girl is such a fun ringtone !

  2. Hello! Fab post, I love Step Brothers so stupid but hilarious xxx

    1. Haha, I love it, it's great. I could watch it a million times and it wouldn't get old. xxx

  3. you're so prettyyyyyy! xx i'll be folowing you :)